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Thank you for answering my question! I do admit, I was expecting your reply to be a private message. Anyway, do you have a Deviant Art or an official Tumblr page?

[[ Sorry i took a while to answer this. I do! i’ll be answering this publicly so other people may know.

Personal tumblr


Please note that I pretty much never post dance central stuff on my main blog anymore, and my deviantart is hardly updated. ]]

[[ I only answer the ones that I can think of an answer for and of what to draw for it. Not only that, I need the motivation to do it too. All the others will have to take a while. 

I do admit I’m reluctant to answer it, mostly because A. I haven’t gotten around to researching homosexuality in the victorian era (its kind of a no-brainer but i still gotta make sure) and B. I’m not fond of the Angel/Bodie ship.

But rest assured I’ll get to it at some point!! I’m a slow worker so patience my friend

also there’s not much advice i can give you on that. it’ll be a long while before he (somewhat) tolerates someone he hates, no matter what they do. it’s actually pretty normal for robots to hate something or someone. even oblio hates someone. ]]

Mo: …Ruins? Nothin’ ‘ere but an old run down bookstore. Smells like ashes if y’ ask me.

Emilia: Glitch— /sighs/ 

Emilia: Since he’s not going to answer, Aubrey hates robots, Glitch hates aristocrats. I guess that’s a plausible answer…?

Glitch: 1. I’d rather jump into the ‘smith’s overheated oven and let it burn me alive and melt my metallic insides, thank you. She’s a fuckin’ berk and probably a dark cully’s convenient for all I know.


[[**a dark cully is a man who keeps a mistress (“one’s convenient”) and only visits her in the dark of night ]]

Mo: …Back when I was just a kid, there was a puppet shop owned by a famous puppeteer. Frenchy n’ Marcos were th’ iconic puppets used by ‘im. One day ‘e just…disappeared. No one know’s where ‘e went or what happened to ‘im. It was a mystery that stumped the local inspector.

The puppeteer said once that if y’ put enough of your time and whatever into your art, it’ll gain a spirit o’ it’s own. I’ll let you think about that.

Emilia: I don’t really like him romantically, actually. Besides, he’s head over heels for Aubrey! 

Glitch: I’m th’ best worker robot there is!

Mo: Y’ sure ‘bout that, kid? Y’ seem t’ do more errands than workin’. Errands are a servin’ robot thing, y’ kn—